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White Earth

About Us

Arika's Story, Our Why

5 years ago I remember my sister coming to me in desperate need for help. I spent countless hours trying to find her treatment.. other counties couldn’t accept her and there was nowhere local that could get her in for weeks.. 6 months later she went missing. 4.5 years later, my sister has never been found.

I couldn’t sit back anymore, I didn’t know what to do but I needed to find answers.. I dedicated my life to learning about addiction, treatment, mental and behavioral health. I’ve traveled all over, I’ve seen good treatment, bad, and everything in between. I knew I needed to step up in my own backyard and create somewhere I wish my sister would’ve had the opportunity to go for help... a safe place to heal the mind, body and soul with evidence based treatment.

Mind, Body, Soul

Amore Vincent Omnia (AVO) means Love conquers all in Latin. AVO Behavioral Health and Recovery will be everything my sister needed and more. We will treat the whole person struggling with addiction and mental health with MAT, IOP, individual and group counseling. We will offer cognitive behavioral therapy incorporating things such as art and yoga therapy. 


At AVO, we believe that treatment should be done differrently. Our program offers a variety of services to individualize each patient experience that leads to long-term recovery!

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Image by Cole Keister

Are you ready to embrace and take control of your life?

We know addiction does not have specific business hours and help may be needed at various times of the day. We offer walk-in appointments during normal business hours, as well as, 24/7 availability with a clinician if needed after hours.


We are excited to be on this journey with you! Our team is built strategically to be in this together with you, every step of the way. 



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